CANNABIS POLAND S.A. Global CBD market is one of the most dynamically developing industries in recent years.

It is valued at several dozen billion dollars a year. Despite the fact that products with CBD are still new in Poland, we can observe the growing interest of both customers and entrepreneurs, who are associating the future to the cannabinoid market.

The establishment of Cannabis Poland S.A. is a long-term project that will ultimately lead to
to create a leading brand of products in Poland and Europe, such as devices for vaporization (inhalation),
liquids and dried CBD with high content under the newly created Vape’m brand.
Cannabis Poland S.A is also a responsible and sustainable business.
We take it very important, to ensure that our products come only from natural,
100% free of fertilizers and pesticides, Polish hemp crops.
We want to secure the health of our clients as much as possible.
That is why we have created a special line of products for vaporization
which do not contain glycol, which makes them stand out from the competition.

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